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    You can enjoy a very special piece of Mousekin art. Over 300 pictures of Mousekin or his kin are available for you to choose from. The picture you choose will be mailed to you, printed on archival quality paper, numbered and matted, ready to be framed. Maybe Mousekin on National Pumpkin Pie Day, or Mousekin  with a hyacinth. Love Tootsie Rolls or chocolate ice cream? Find your Mouskin soulmate and let it bring a smile to your face every time you walk past it. Go to and choose from among the over 300 illustrations. Then order the print by date and subject. A few of the earlier ones are a 5 x 7 inches format, but most are 8 x 10 inches. You will receive an email confirming which image you have chosen and the best size.Some don't blow up or shrink down well.  Please note the images in the website are not nearly as high quality as the image you will be purchasing. All are brighter, clearer and more defined.  PLEASE NOTE: Images with licensed characters like Mickey Mouse and Bambi cannot be sold, as I do not have license to sell them.  View Mousekin Art