Mousekin Market - Made in America

     Mousekin Market grew out of "The Mouse Project," my commitment to draw, paint or collage a mouse every day in 2016. "Why mice?" you ask. Because Mousekin has become the main character in a picture book I am trying to get published.  

     So many friends fell in love with the mouse drawings, I tried to sell some mouse gifts at a fundraiser at my local library. People I didn't even know bought them! A local gallery offered to display them and they generated a lot of buzz on FaceBook and at a local Art Walk. I have had three commissions, to make Mousekin drawings of particular topics. One of my pieces was accepted into a jurried art auction in Oregon and it sold! So I thought you might like to have a Mousekin in your home to make you smile. If you are looking for gifts for mouse lovers, Mousekin Market is the place for you to shop!